Owensboro, KY, United States

The first Stingers service vehicle.

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For Stingers Pool Service Chemical Members

The Stingers brand was born in 2013 after twenty  plus years of pool construction and retail in Tennessee and Kentucky. Following several surgeries, the owner had this idea of a contractual membership pool service. No one in the pool industry was operating like this. In fact, most of his colleagues laughed at the idea of a membership driven pool service, operated with hybrid cars. Bringing true customer service back to the consumer at a reasonable cost was his primary focus. "If we can't be friends, we can't do business" says the owner of Stingers Pool Service. Stingers is and always will be operated on the relationships with its clients. As the years progress Stingers continues to grow year after year, one relationship at a time. In the last four years Stingers has expanded their service area in Kentucky to include Henderson, Madisonville, Hopkinsville, as well as Rockport, Newburg and Evansville in Indiana.

"Budget Bill Your Pool"

TRUTH IN POOL OWNERSHIP. When you go to your local pool store and explain your problem, the pool store attempts to decipher what you are saying to them in consumer language. Based on what you have described, they load the counter with what you need to solve your problem. After spending an obscene amount of money and pulling all of your hair out, you haven't solved your problem. Why? We don't understand consumer language. We know pool language. You will spend the money no matter what. There are no short cuts. Stingers can truly maintain your pool for you cheaper than you can do it yourself. Why? We understand pool language. 


Stingers Pool Service has built its reputation on maintenance service in the Owensboro Kentucky area. In today's world, the consumer is always on the go, with no time to properly care for their swimming pool or spa. Stingers is a members only company, providing 24/7 service to its clients. Based on the principal of budget billing, Stingers Pool Service provides contractual weekly chemical service as well as all major repairs to its members. 

Swimming pool water chemistry is not only important to your families health, it's also imperative for chemistry to be correct in order to preserve the life of your equipment.